Overalls are not only still around, but they’re also turning out to be a huge trend for spring. Just to clarify…. I’m not big on “staying on trend;” I find that whole idea to be pretty superficial and inauthentic, because personal style should be YOU – not trends mounted on top of each other. That said, I do like to know what the trends are, so I can try the ones I like (or ones that scare me), so my personal style has room to breathe, evolve, and grow! Same old, same old is so not my thing. Except when it comes to my hair. I basically have two hairstyles (sooo lazy when it comes to hair and makeup! But I really just don’t care about it).

Back to overalls. There are mannnny different types and silhouettes you can choose from – boyfriend/baggy (like this style), slim/skinny, cropped/culottes, long/flared, dress styles… you name it, there’s an overall version of it. I’ll be wearing and blogging about most or all of them over the course of spring, I’m sure, because I surprisingly really love them! I really wasn’t sure about them a couple of springs ago when I tried them (took me a whole year to try another style, again, because I kind of hated them that first time!), so if you’re not sure, just give ’em try, and then give it some time marinate.:) To start, I shopped some great, black options for you, below….

Black Overalls Grey Hat 1b Black Overalls Grey Hat 2a Black Overalls Grey Hat 3a Black Overalls Grey Hat 4a Black Overalls Grey Hat 5a Black Overalls Grey Hat 6a Black Overalls Grey Hat 7a

Overalls: Gap (old – similar) | Laced Sweatshirt: F21 (sold out – similar) | Hat: Zara (old – similar) | Patent Loafers: F21 (similar) | Double Circle Necklace: Gorjois | Watch: The Horse | Sunnies: AQS | Small Tote Crossbody: Madewell | Cheek + Lip Stick: Albeit

My 8-year-old told me I looked like a city farmer. I kind of am! Talk about being authentic…;) #nailinit

xx -Carrie

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