Olive + Lilac

So, hi, I’m a mom. Never felt more like one than this morning. A little thing like a fever and bronchitis-from-death never stops us moms from doing our thang (thang translates to 1.8 million daily tasks), right? Totally right. Sooo weird that this never seems to apply to dads….?;) Anyway, I don’t always prance around in heels (although I do love the tall, little darlings), so having great, comfy-casual basics to run around town – and after tots – in is pretty essential in my wardrobe. To keep comfy-casual from being one big yawn, one thing I like to do with my basics is play with color combos. Right now I’m loving Olive + Lilac together. I paired them with some neutral, denim blues, but to kick this look up a notch – say, from a play date to a lunch date – adding a bright, poppy-red pump would be perfection! See? Already scheming to wear heels;) In case you’re missing these pretty hues from your closet, I shopped some fun lilac and olive finds for you, below!

Olive + Lilac 1b Olive + Lilac 2a Olive + Lilac 3b Olive + Lilac 4a Olive + Lilac 5a Olive + Lilac 6a Olive + Lilac 7a

Sweater: Banana Republic (similar) |  Chambray Shirt: Cloth + Stone x Anthropologie | BF Jeans: Banana Republic (similar) | Box Bag: Sophie Hulme | Sunnies: AQS | Geometric Ring: Nashelle | Leather Tennies: Frye | Cheek + Lip Stick: Albeit x Anthropologie

Yeah. So, while out and about, The Doughnut Hut always seems to call my name….;)

Go get -em, Mamas

xx -Carrie

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