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Gooood Memorial Day morning! If I can get my act together, I’ve got another (style) post planned for later today, but first, you need to know about Beauty Counter. Beauty Counter develops and sells skin care and beauty products, where safety comes first.

“Our rigorous Ingredient Selection Process ensures that our products work beautifully without compromising your safety.

Beauty Counter screening

Click here to learn more about their story, their founder, and their mission.

Aaaand you also need to know that this post is in no way sponsored. These are my real, honest feelings about some products I’ve personally tried for several weeks now. So, let’s get to it! About a month ago, I was introduced to the brand by my good friend, and all-things-beauty expert, Carrie Morgan. She sent me an adorable sample set to try, and I was excited to try them, but to be honest, I was pretty skeptical. I’ve used the same skin care products since my teens, because a) they were very inexpensive (I’m talking Dove soap, and Lubriderm, here), and b) they did the job! I have tried mannnny different products over the years – high-end and low-end, but I have very sensitive skin, so the results were either that they made my skin feel like it was on fire, or there was no noticeable difference from what I was currently using, other than the high price tag. I’ve actually felt pretty smug and proud about my little drugstore-brands-that-could. Welp, this has changed. The Beauty Counter products are the real deal. The first night I tried them, I thought, Hmmm ok, my skin is not on fire, so that’s good, I’ll give ’em another go. The next morning is when I started taking them seriously. I woke up, and my skin looked fresh – not oily, not slightly reddened, just fresh. So, I used them again that morning, and I loved how everything felt on my skin – I particularly loved how my skin absorbed the day cream, with no residue, after rubbing it in. But because there was no residue, I thought, Oh shoot, my skin is definitely going to flake with this stuff. The climate is super dry where I live, so good moisturizers are paramount, and while Lubriderm did a good job on this end, I still got a little bit of flakeage, and oily residue later in the day. To my surprise, and ultimate happy-dance delight…. There was no flakage! My makeup always highlights any dry spots/flakes on my skin, and there were none (every now and then I’ve spotted a tiny amount here and there, but far less than when I was using Lubriderm). Better yet, at the end of the day, my skin WAS NOT OILY. At all. It looked as fresh as it did that morning. I was hooked. After three days of these same, lovely results, I ordered everything Carrie had sampled me, plus some extra (you can see, below, what I bought). I was hoping they’d arrive before I left for a trip, because my skin had never looked or felt so good alllll day long, but they sadly didn’t. It was kind of a good thing that they didn’t because I was able to revert and see/feel the difference, again. I told my husband I felt like an addict, my skin neeeeeeeded its BC fix!! I’m being completely serious – this is exactly how I felt. I just can’t tell you how great the products – especially the creams – feel on my skin all day and night! I had a teeny tiny amount of the sample set that I had saved to use, while on vacay (I squeeeezed those tiny tubes for all they were worth!!), and again, was just so pleased with the results those couple of days I was able to wear them. All this to say, I. Love. These. Products. Carrie just sent me a Lip Sheer to try, and I absolutely loooooove it, too – gonna/hafta buy other shades. It’s so pretty! You can wear it lightly, with just a hint of color, or layer it for full color. It has the loveliest sheen, too – it’s just beautiful. Note: I bought the Sunscreen SPF 30, and Protect Lip Balm, but haven’t tried them, yet – I’ll update you as soon as I do!

Here’s What I’ve Tried So Far:

Beauty Counter Cover 1c

Routine Cream CleanserNourishing Cream Exfoliator | Nourishing Day Cream | Nourishing Night Cream | Vibrant Eye PerfecterLip Sheer “Scarlet”

Things I’m Excited to Try: 

Charcoal Cleansing Bar | Nourishing Cleansing Balm

Can’t tell you how pleased I am with these products! Now, they are much more expensive than what I was paying for my drugstore brands that “did the job,” but they far exceeded my hopes in the results department, and are worth every single penny, in my book. Not to mention the safety factor!! So very happy and grateful to have discovered this brand. Thank you, Carrie Morgan! Go check out her shop, y’all – she’ll take excellent care of you.:) Also…. Here is a current promo they have going on that ends today!


Happy Memorial Day Weekend!! Our best-selling, “does-it-all” Cleansing Balm is offered with Peppermint Lip Balm and Nourishing Eye Cream at a
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Ends today, May 30th!

Happy Day, indeed!!:)


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