Oui Oui, Mademoiselle

My little girls just spent this past weekend at a father-daughter campout, and had the time of their lives (!!), but it somehow sparked a deep need in my eldest to have more one-on-one time with me. So. On a particularly blustery day, we dressed our own versions of “French,” bought croissants, and walked around our little town, chatting and pretending we were in Paris. My Scarlett is e-namored with Paris, and often talks about how she wants me to come with her on her trips there with her future daughter, “Annabelle.” It was so fun! It was simple and short, which is a necessary reality right now with my very full Mama Plate, but she felt special, and we both felt even more connected with each other via our little Oregonian-Parisian date.

French mission accomplished.

Croissant Date 1a Croissant Date 2a Croissant Date 3a Croissant Date 4a Croissant Date 5a Croissant Date 6a Croissant Date 7a Croissant Date 8a

Two things: 1) croissants are super yummy and 2) it’s been too long since I’ve had one! Maybe we’ll just start having Parisian dates in our house every morning? :)


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