Oui, Oui, Oui to Hoodies

Ugh. Yesterday was so ugly in terms of how people were behaving on social media, and the media in general, that I just Can’t anymore. The election is done, and we are moving forward in a direction that I hope, and will be fervently praying, is a very wise one for our country. Enough of that.

On to a far more important subject: Hoodies!:) They’re my new favorite layering piece for a few reasons. Now, turtlenecks are still going super strong in the fashion realm, and are on heavy rotation in my own closet, but the hoodie is a piece that can instantly ruffle-up a too-classic, or too-dressy look with a weighty casualness. Athleisure is the current It Girl (a la Gigi Hadid) in styling right now, and while I won’t be wearing head-to-toe sweats, adding a piece or two (like a hoodie or sneaks) is a really easy way to infuse your look with a little athleisureness. I especially like to pair them with blazers, as blazers can tend to look a little too buttoned-up, and mature. Plus, hoodies are super comfy and warm! Shopped a bunch for you below, of course.

houndstooth-thigh-highs-1a houndstooth-thigh-highs-2a houndstooth-thigh-highs-3a houndstooth-thigh-highs-4a houndstooth-thigh-highs-5a houndstooth-thigh-highs-6a houndstooth-thigh-highs-7a houndstooth-thigh-highs-9a houndstooth-thigh-highs-10a houndstooth-thigh-highs-11a

And I brooched it, again. Having a thing with brooches, lately – they’re so fun!

Happy Thursday, Loves.

xx -Carrie

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  1. Joy

    November 10, 2016 - 2:53 pm

    Cute outfit! And turtlenecks look so good on you. I’ve always disliked wearing them — in fact, the first fight I remember having with my mom was over her desire for me to wear one! Lol! But you’re making me reconsider my stance. I love the way you styled the hoodie, too!

    • Carrie

      November 11, 2016 - 8:52 am

      HA! That’s hilarious – I used to hate them, too!! Not sure what changed, but I love ’em now – you should totally give ’em another try! 😉 Thanks so much! xx -Carrie

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