Kisses + Trenches

Good grief, our weather was both bipolar and manic depressive, yesterday! One minute it was blue skies and sunny, and the next, it was windy and raining, back to sun, then snowing and hailing. If you watched my Instagram stories yesterday, you know what happened! We walked into a design space to pick out wood flooring,

In the Pink

The sun is OUT, the daffodils are blooming, and the weeks are few until school is officially over for the summer. Things are looking so bright!! I’m still way behind on blogging, but my plan is to not worry about it. Ha! Once we’re all moved in, and settled into our new house (by the

La La Land

I confess. I’ve never even seen a preview for La La Land, but I reallllly want to see it ‘cuz I have a small crush on both what’s-his-face and what’s-her-name? Gah, I’m so out of touch with the glitz world. Lame. But seriously, the guy that’s on all those hilarious “Hey, Girl” thingys, and they

Pretty in Peplum with Lilla P

Goooood morning! I’ve partnered up with the always lovely, Lilla P, today! They’re one of my favorite brands for many reasons, but mainly because the quality of their pieces is outstanding. Every piece is cut beautifully, made to last, and I love their classic, effortless designs that are at once timeless, and oh-so easy and