Pinks + Fall Textures

Playing with pinks and fall textures…. Sateen, chunky cable knit, and a touch o’ velvet. Just a reminder that if you enter the code CALLHERSMITH, you can receive 15% off any Daniel Wellington watch or cuff purchase, now through December 31st. Stay cozy! xx -Carrie Stylist + Mum x 4 Shop My Look (boots + watch)

Irish Lass

Edward Collins. That was the name of my grandfather, “Poppy.” He was born in Ireland, but migrated to America with his mother and two-year-old sister when he was five years old, after his father had abandoned them. They migrated to Depression-Era Chicago, and as jobs were scary-scarce across the nation, his mother was forced to make

Apple Picking

This is the outfit I wanna wear to go pick apples. I’m barely half kidding. There are no apple orchards around here (at least, that I know of??). I’ve heard they’re hard to grow here, but I reallllly want to try planting an orchard on our new farm, anyway. I’m a wild-child, like that. 😉 Wish

Pink Pairings with Donna Morgan

Well, we woke up to a sweet surprise, this morning! The clouds disappeared overnight, and revealed fresh snowcaps on our beautiful mountains…. The skies are crystal clear, and with the glorious rain we’ve had the last few days, nature is constantly dazzling the eye with its pure brilliance, this morning. Stunning. Speaking of dazzling the eye….