Paris is Always a Good Idea

We celebrated our daughter’s 9th birthday this past Saturday with a Jungle-Obstacle-Course themed birthday (her idea), and then followed that up with county-fair fun after church the next day. This wore me out more than hauling, stacking, shredding logs and limbs all weekend – no lie. I could barely move yesterday. It seriously took me a full hour to make lunch yesterday because I was moving in slow, dazed circles, on repeat. Today is…. not much better. I’m getting old!!

This is me before full-out exhaustion set in.

Paris Tee 1b Paris Tee 2b Paris Tee 3a Paris Tee 4a Paris Tee 5b Paris Tee 6a

I’m not wearing anything remotely cute, today. In fact, just looking at this outfit right now makes me feel even more tired. Howww did I have the energy to put that on, Sunday?? Mind-blowing.

Here’s hoping to feeling more revived, tomorrow….

xx -Carrie

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