Petrified Forest + Grand Canyon Trip

I cannot stress enough how much fun we had traveling from Texas, back home to Oregon, last week. My husband and I wanted some National Parks to dictate our route home, and I’m so very grateful we took the extra time to make that happen. It’s breathtaking, our country!! I find it’s impossible not to feel in awe of God’s creation, and look at everything in absolute, mystified wonder. We did provide tablets for each kiddo (as some driving days reached 11 hours, they were a priceless, and very welcome addition to our family), but our rule was “tablets off” during anything scenic, and throughout all National Parks. It was rewarding to hear their little voices marvel at the mountains, the rock formations – even the sky! The sky was – is – stunning – it’s all stunning, if we take the time to really look….

Here’s a glimpse of what we saw on our Petrified Forest + Grand Canyon excursions. Photos really don’t do these places justice.

Petrified Forest National Park

Inside the park.

Petrified Forest 15

The Painted Desert

Petrified Forest 13 Petrified Forest 16

Petrified Trees

Petrified Forest 18a Petrified Forest 7a Petrified Forest 10a Petrified Forest 8a Petrified Forest 5a Petrified Forest 1a Petrified Forest 9a

Grand Canyon

The drive out to the Grand Canyon was stunning. We even saw a double rainbow! The second one didn’t pick up well on camera, but it was so beautiful to witness, and be reminded of God’s promise to us.

Grand Canyon 2 Grand Canyon 9 Grand Canyon 8 Grand Canyon 13 Grand Canyon 10

My motley crew. They were such troopers! When we got to the Grand Canyon, it was colllld, drizzly, and a little foggy, but they jogged the not-so-short (for kids) path out to the point, and jogged back, just as it started pouring on us, with scarce a complaint.

Grand Canyon 32

It was so worth it. Even in fog – perhaps, especially – the Canyon was spectacular to see.

Grand Canyon 23 Grand Canyon 29 Grand Canyon 16 Grand Canyon 17 Grand Canyon 18 Grand Canyon 19 Grand Canyon 20

Jacket: Madewell (similar) | Sun Valley Bus Tee: Holiday Brand | Jeans: Madewell (similar) | Scarf: American Eagle (sold out – super cute Noonday one) | Shoes: Steve Madden | All Bracelets by Noonday: Mint Wrap + Leather Wrap + Coral + Cobalt | Ring: Giles & Brother (in rose gold) | Druzy Necklace: Paisley + Sparrow | Kiddo Tablets: Nabi DreamTab Tablet (highly recommend for trips, and way on sale right now!)

I can’t wait to share some pics of our favorite part of the trip – Zion National Park! Stay tuned!



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