Makeup Monday: Fallin' for these Fall Hair + Makeup Trends

 Take a step outside and close your eyes… feel/breathe in that crisp air, and feel the warm sun gleaming down on you… that right there is fall. Hopefully, you’re in a place that has fall, but if not, pretend for a second, or just grab a pumpkin spice latte! :) Ahh… this stunning season is rolling in at full force, and it’s just about time to bust out your fall gear.

Since I love this season so, I wanted to do a little something to showcase a few of my favorite fall hair and makeup trends, so it was photo shoot time…. I had the privilege to work with a few women who are extremely talented and beautiful, and who helped make this photo shoot happen!! Here’s to Alyssa Winkler (wardrobe stylist) + Tabitha Prevett (Photographer) + Becky Minger (model). Thanks a million, ladies! Hair + makeup was done by yours truly…. Take a peek! I hope you feel inspired for fall!


What is big this season?? Your HAIR… that’s what!! Hair, hair, and MORE hair; this season is still about volume and texture. Stop taming it, (ok… maybe tame the frizz), but let it be maximum volume! As you already know I’m obsessed with big hair, so it’s no surprise I love what’s going on this season. Of course I still LOVE a great updo or top knot – it’s so chic.

Fall-23 Fall-6

Hat: Apricot Lane|| Sunnies: TOMS|| Shirt + Shaw+ Bangles: Apricot Lane||Shoes: TOMS

Another fall favorite of mine is deep, earth-toned lips! There is, of course, always a time and place for this, but if you want to strut it at 10am, girl… I certainly wouldn’t blame you! 😉


 Fall-54 Fall-62


Wardrobe: Apricot Lane|| Shoes: DSW||Sunnies: TOMS

Also, don’t be afraid to try a little something new with an evening look! Let your hair down, with a little tease and spray-wax, you can get amazing texture in your hair!!




Wardrobe + Accessories: Apricot Lane || Sunnies: TOMS 

These are just a few of the photos we took, but if you would like to check out more, visit Tabitha Prevett Photography here!! Thanks for allowing me to share this with you, and I hope you enjoy! Happy fall, y’all!


Britney is an SMP Beauty Stylist, and is a professional Makeup Artist + Hair Stylist at J. Michael’s Spa & Salon. If you would like Britney to help you create and achieve a new beauty look online, we can easily get you all set-up with her via our SMP Beauty Package. Have a beauty-full day!


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