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Goooood, post-4th morning!! Hope you all had a fun, holiday weekend! We spent ours clearing trees, fencing, and rubbish. Sounds super boring, but it felt so good to starting prepping the building site for our new home! And I just started using Snapchat. I was one of the old folk that was totally confused by it, but I think I’m getting the hang of it? Or I’m doing it completely wrong, and have no idea. I just know things vanish after 24 hours, and it’s kinda fun to show your unpolished, uninstagramed, version of life on there. Anyway, I’ve been taking video clips of our house progress, along with random family moments, if you want to follow along! My handle is callhersmith, and I think I have a whopping total of 2 friends on there. Would love more to hang out with.:)

We spent last night at our neighbor-besties’ farm, eating our own grass-fed hamburgers (like proper cow ranchers do), shooting off fireworks from a ladder, squealing louder than the kids when the sparks got just a little too close, and shifting, shifting, shifting to see the official fireworks through a very convenient gap in the faraway tree-line. It was perfect.

And I have to say, so are chinos, right now…. Been pairin’ ’em with e’rything, lately! Shopped a bunch, below.;)

Pin + Tux 1a Pin + Tux 2b Pin + Tux 3a Pin + Tux 4a Pin + Tux 5a Pin + Tux 6a

Happy 4-day week to ya! We got this.

xx -Carrie

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