Presto Chango

Don’t you just love using things you’ve had for a while in a fresh, new way? Well, I sure do! I’ve had this linen vest for quite a while, and have just used it as a light layering piece, but something made me want to try wearing it as a top this week. When I first put it on, I was all like, ummm, no. I made J-Lo look tame (do we still call her J-Lo?). But I decided to try flipping the lapels up, and…. presto-chango! We had a lovely, modest top. I absolutely love it this way!

Vest Top 1b Vest Top 2a Vest Top 3b Vest Top 4a Vest Top 5b Vest Top 6b

Vest: Madewell (similar) | Faux Leather Shorts: Zara (similar) | Necklaces: Nasty Gal + Paisley + Sparrow | Watch: The Horse | Rings: Nashelle (square) + Turquoise (similar)  Sandals: Steve Madden | Clutch: J.Crew (similar) | Sunnies: Ray-Ban

Don’t be afraid to play with, alter, or completely change your clothes – I’ve been doing this more and more, lately, and find it to be so liberating! From hand-chopping hemlines, to using existing pieces in unexpected ways, I’m making my wardrobe wurrrrk for me. Yep, I’m the boss of my wardrobe now, and wish I’d always felt this way! It’s inspiring.

I hope you start, and/or continue, to be inspired by your wardrobe this week! It’s there, I promise.

PS. I also shopped vests, below!

xx -Carrie

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