Pretty in Peplum with Lilla P

Goooood morning! I’ve partnered up with the always lovely, Lilla P, today! They’re one of my favorite brands for many reasons, but mainly because the quality of their pieces is outstanding. Every piece is cut beautifully, made to last, and I love their classic, effortless designs that are at once timeless, and oh-so easy and practical for everyday wear. As a mum of four, these qualities are prized.;) I also adore the ladies I’ve come to know through their company – so kind, creative, and so fun and easy to work with! Always a pleasure. They have some lovely, new spring arrivals for you (this sweet peplum top is one of them), so be sure to check them out! I’ve linked some of my favorite tops, below, but there’s much, much more available in their shop.

Here’s me and my little peplum beauty, enjoying the warmth and sun down in Cali! Love her so….

Lilla P Peplum 1a Lilla P Peplum 2a Lilla P Peplum 3a Lilla P Peplum 4a Lilla P Peplum 5a Lilla P Peplum 6a Lilla P Peplum 7a Lilla P Peplum 8a Lilla P Peplum 9a Lilla P Peplum 10a Lilla P Peplum 11a

Happy SPRING!!! It’s reached 60 degrees, here, the past few days – happpppy dance!!!!

xx -Carrie

Stylist + Mum x 4

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(“Avery” necklace by Gorjois)

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  1. Joy

    March 19, 2017 - 5:07 pm

    These are such sweet pictures, and I LOOOOOOOVE the top! I’m just super nervous to wear peplum tops as I was wearing one here in Korea shortly after our arrival, and granted it was a SUPER windy day, but my top actually blew up around my armpits! I’ve never had that happen before!! I just about died of embarrassment, though I also found it really funny. But I haven’t had the nerve to wear it or any other since! Yet this post tempts me to give it another shot…

    • Carrie

      March 22, 2017 - 7:03 am

      Youuuu just made me laugh out loud!! That’s terrible (and very funny)!! I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that happening – ha! Maybe you should size down a few, full sizes, mama! Lol! Give her another try đŸ˜‰ xx -Carrie

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