Products to Take with You into 2015


 Yours truly is sharing my top product picks for 2014, and why I will not be leaving them behind in 2015!

If you are anything like me… I stand staring clueless in the beauty aisles, slightly overwhelmed by the sheer volume of products lined up there row, after row… thinking and wanting to know what the best products around are! Because of my job, I try and use more products than most, so I’ve got a nice, tidy tip list for ya. Here’s a little peek into my bag, in the hopes that it will lend you a li’l inspo for your own beauty arsenal!

top pics for 2014


 Behold my favorite sent ever!!! I love Alien because it spreads a mysterious aura…. It’s very warm and woodsy, but has a scent of jasmine, too. Alien is a magic elixir, captured in a bottle in the shape of a strange purple stone object of a deep and mysterious purple color. You’ll have to check it out!

Clarins Shimmer Body Oil takes complete care of your skin without oiliness, which is exactly what all women need during this season when we need some great shimmer and a li’l color! It creates a glamorous, attractive look thanks to the golden spark that it has. Who doesn’t want to look sun kissed in the dead of winter, right?

La la love this hairspray. I use it regularly before/after curling my hair. It gives me shiny, bouncy, loose curls that I can run my fingers through without the slightest bit of crunchiness or stiffness. Because I have dry hair, I don’t wash it that often. My hair still looks good days after – even if I don’t do anything to it after originally curling it.
I have always used this hairspray on my clients, and just recently started using it myself. Until just a few years ago it wasn’t even sold in the US. – just France. It’s a bit pricy, but worth every penny! Especially when you think about the fact that hairspray is your finishing touch!

I love how a pop of color goes a long way in any setting! I’m a big ol’ fan of this lipstick right here! It leaves my lips looking smoother, more luminous and a bit fuller. Who wouldn’t  want that to pucker up to?

Peach is The most universally flattering, can’t-go-wrong, blush shade. Anybody can put on peach blush and look fantastic!  This is a formula that’s sheer and blendable and looks super natural. When in doubt, look for descriptive words like ‘satin’ or ‘sheer’ on the packaging.

I love this! It’s by far my most favourite palette. Highly pigmented, and the neutral shades mean that it can be used everyday, or for going out. The colours are fabulous. Ranging from sheer highlighters, to really smoky dark shades. All colours are easy to apply and are buildable (see below for the right blending bush). I highly recommend this to everyone. A professional’s palette  for your makeup bag at home. Slightly more expensive, but well worth it!

This BB cream is very light-weight, but still evens me out nicely. I love the tint options that Bobbi Brown cosmetics offers! This one also has 35 SPF included. Even though you may not be in the sun as much during the colder months, you still need a protective veil of sunscreen year-round! This one leaves a flawless sheen too.

This blending brush by MAC is for controlled eye shadow application. This brush has soft fibers, which taper to form a medium size dome shape. Why you should own it: This is the perfect brush for applying color in the crease, or for blending out any harsh lines. I use this brush almost everyday for blending, blending, blending!

Mink false eyelash
$23 –
These minkie falsies are Lighter, softer, and more flexible than synthetic false eyelashes. They instantly intensify your eyes in preparation for a highly dramatic event, or… just for fun! Why not try some out for New Years!

It’s the perfect time of year to clean out any products you have not been using in 2014, and maybe amp your own beauty bag up with some fun new products! Don’t be afraid – you may have some stunning new results coming your way as you step into 2015!

CHEERS to you! And may you have a blessed New Years!


SMP Lead Beauty Stylist
Tricia Gulikers is SMP’s Lead Beauty Stylist, and is a full-time, professional Makeup Artist + Hair Stylist. She offers in-person services via her own website, Tricia H Coble, as well as at Euphoria Salon & Spa, and travels frequently for shoots and special events. If you would like Tricia to help you create and achieve a fresh beauty look online, we can easily get you all set-up with her via our SMP Beauty Package. Have a beauty-full day!


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