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Hiya! Hope you had a wonderful long weekend, and are off to a good start, this short week! I spilled  my coffee twice already this morning. Like, massive spills – not just some dainty splashes. My fault the first time, because I got overly excited about deciding between two paint samples (the painters are coming, today!!!!), and knocked my coffee arm into a chair. Not five minutes later, coffee went everywhere, as I narrowly escaped remote-heli blades crashing into my face – there are two of them buzzing around the house at all hours, ever since someone in our household turned seven….;) Anyway, it’s been an exciting morning!

And honestly, this mama couldn’t be more excited. It’s summmmmmmer!!!!!! We finished drama class with a slam-bang performance of Twelfth Night, this past Friday, and I just couldn’t be prouder of my little class!! They did such a great job, and the play turned out so cute! So, that’s finished, and soccer finishes up tomorrow! I love these days. I love that my youngest can ask me to go on a “date” on our farm, and I can say an easy, “Sure!” Cuzzz, my days aren’t slotted with teaching and sports/clubs all day, anymore! EEEEE!! And I love that his idea of a date is riding his bike, talking, talking, talking, and eating some snacks.

Pure, simple, Goodness, right here. Like this perfect, tie-front tee by Lilla P

Lilla P Tee 1a Lilla P Tee 2a Lilla P Tee 3bLilla P Tee 9aLilla P Tee 8aLilla P Tee 4a Lilla P Tee 5a Lilla P Tee 6b Lilla P Tee 7b

It’s gonna be a Good summer.

PS. Lilla P’s 25% off sale ends tomorrow! Use code THEYCALLHERSMITH.

(And look who’s featured on their homepage – eeee!;)

xx -Carrie

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