Restoring Lives One Elegantee at a Time

I don’t know what it is about date night, but I always seem to go for either some jeans, or a tee (just not both – dates are definitely comfy-cashz, but exciiiiting!!), and some red heels. This time, I nixed the jeans (warm evening, finally!), and grabbed my favorite reds, but my tee got one beautiful upgrade….

Please meet, Elegantees, which is a most lovely T-shirt + clothing company that has a stout-hearted, steadfast mission: “to provide hope to survivors of sex trafficking in Nepal.” Elegantees offers sex-traffic survivors a “positive source of income that reinforces independence, a healthy self-image, and confidence that restores lives one elegant tee at a time.” They work closely with The Nepali Rescue Project, which “finds over 20,000 women and children who were pulled into trafficking and returns them to dignity,” via the care of safe houses in Nepal, counseling, learning how to sew, and opportunities to earn a fair and living wage through work at the sewing center, such as sewing Elegantees!

Just Beautiful, right? I thought you might love this. People with missions like these just make my heart soar. I hope you to take a moment to read their mission yourself, and to shop their lovely, classic, comfy wardrobe-staples. Elegantees has kindly offered my followers a 15% discount (just enter the code SMITH at checkout).

For this date-night post, I’m wearing a peplum Elegantee that I’m absolutely in love with….Elegantees 1a Elegantees 2a Elegantees 3b Elegantees 4a Elegantees 5a Elegantees 6a Elegantees 7a Elegantees 8a

Peplum Tee: Elegantees | Faux Leather Shorts: Zara (similar + love these in blush) | Denim Jacket: Gap | Brielle Necklaces: Twig + Circle | Sunnies: AQS | Watch: The Horse | Sandals: Mode Collective (old – love these) | Mini Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

Restoring lives, Loves! It just doesn’t get any better than that. Many thanks, Elegantees, for reaching out to collaborate! It was an honor, and so much fun to work with you.:)

Many Blessings,


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