Rose & Merlot, Please

Um, where did November go??? What a whirlwind this month has been! So, we’ve been working like mad to get into our house before Thanksgiving, but it’s just not gonna happen. We’re disappointed of course, but it’s hard to stay feeling that way when your FAVORITE TWIN BROTHER & FAM is coming all the way from Georgia to spend the holiday with you!! I’m so excited to see him, my hilarious sister-in-law, and their two li’l cuties, I don’t care what house we’re in – it just don’t matter a hill o’ beans, do it. 😉 So, we’re gonna live it up amid towers of boxes, and make the best memories together. What it’s truly all about, anyway….

I’m super late posting this, but glad I could sneak it in! The leaves are all gone now, but sure were pretty…. All ready for snow, now. :)

Rose and Merlot 4a

Rose and Merlot 2aRose and Merlot 3aRose and Merlot 5aRose and Merlot 6aRose and Merlot 7a

Cheers, and happy early Thanksgiving to you, and yours!



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  1. Sascha

    November 17, 2017 - 9:46 pm

    You are so right!!! As long as you are all together it doesn’t matter where you are! I LOVE the last picture of you, it is really lovely! have a fantastic weekend!! Xx

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