Rustic Holiday

Oh, Canada! You are truly stunning with your majestic mountain ranges, sparkling lakes, winding rivers, and ridiculously clean and charming towns…. I mean beauty was to be found literally around every, single corner. My husband and I explored the area of Whistler a little each day, while we were there, and though we visited exquisite lakes galore, this one was our favorite. It was a quiet, tucked-away little area, and we were the only ones there. Got the joint to ourselves…;)

I think this just might be my favorite “rustic holiday” look ever. So cozy.

rustic-holiday-1a rustic-holiday-3a rustic-holiday-4a rustic-holiday-5a rustic-holiday-7a rustic-holiday-8a rustic-holiday-9a rustic-holiday-10a rustic-holiday-11a rustic-holiday-12a rustic-holiday-13a

Oh my stars (did you see them?)! So cuuute.

Happy weekend, Loves! Stay warm with that Polar Vortex thingy coming!

xx -Carrie

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