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Since about late-middle school/early-high school, I’ve been searching for skin products to deal with my insane skin issues. Ya know… back then I used to think as soon as I hit my 20’s my skin would magically be perfect, blemish and rose-y-cheek free. Boy was I wrong!! Late 20’s, and they are still here. Yep, all of the above. Trying to find a product that helps with sensitivity and acne hasn’t always been easy. I have used plenty of products, and way too many lines to name here.

So, in the midst of scrambling to find yet another product for my face, I received an email from Tara Airhart, who is a fabulous consultant for Rodan + Fields, asking if I would be interested in trying their product! (YES!!! of course) This  email came at the PERFECT time. Any who, Tara was great, and extremely helpful. She sent me to a questionnaire from the doctors asking me about my skin irritations. I filled out the survey, which then led me to their product recommendations. Those products were at my door by the week’s end!

I received the regimen for sensitive skin. My first impression, when I opened the product and used it, was that the smell wasn’t overbearing. There wasn’t much of a medicinal or fragrant smell (which I loved). I was slightly overwhelmed by the amount of product that came with the product, but really, just follow what the instructions tell you, and you’ll get it figured out. Although the amount it tells you to use was too much for my skin, per Tara, I used half of that amount and found great results.


During the winter, my skin gets irritated by most products I use, causing it to burn, so I thought this would be great for me! Let me tell you, I really enjoyed it. I had a few places that were extremely bothersome, and within a few days it was resolved! I was pretty impressed. Occasionally, I need a little more boost to knock out my blemishes, so in retrospect, I would have probably added something to help me out in that department as well.

Rodan + Fields have plenty of regimens to choose from – this was just what was suggested for me! If you have ANY questions regarding this line, don’t hesitate to ask Tara. She was fabulous, and will do her very best to help you! Visit her website for more info!

XO -Britney

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