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I’ve learned over the past few weeks that October = vacation time in the city. It’s the sweet spot when the busy launching pad of August and September flurry of activity has subsided and the hectic holiday season has not yet begun. Business is hopefully moving along smoothly and we can all step back for a long weekend or so without frantically checking email every 15 minutes. Last weekend was that weekend for me, as Ryan and I headed home to Kentucky for 4 days of much needed time with family and friends. I threw a BYOP party, which is Bring Your Own Pumpkin (duh) and went to a chill bar downtown where we met someone who lives one stop down from us on the M train in Brooklyn. It’s a weird little world we live in, am I right?

Going home always inspired my wardrobe and I’m so excited to share the looks that I put together for spending time on the farm and in cute little brunch spots; stay tuned over the next few weeks…

But first we had to get there, which is always the worst part because LaGuardia Airport, like many things in New York makes you continually prove yourself when flying out of and into the city. Typically when we book flights to get out of town, it means working all day and then leaving mid-afternoon to take a 45 minute train+cab ride to good ol LGA in Queens. This means that I’m faced with the task of wearing something office-appropriate that can also be comfy when sitting in terminals with shocking predictable delays and riding in the sky for two hours. This time I was prepared. We documented this look soley with phones and instagram because a piece titled “Travel Diaries” calls for a look that’s a little rough around the edges.

Tiny plane time.
Tiny plane time.
Walking on the tarmac to my plane made me feel slightly famous & then I remembered this was happening because I’m from a tiny town.
Never felt so chic, comfy, and office appropriate in my life more than this moment.


Grinning, knowing that my mom was within 50 yards of me.


A trip back home makes the bright lights and big city all the more enticing.


For once, almost everything I’m wearing is current so you can actually shop the look if you see something that catches your eye. Don’t get used to this, I’m an amazing recycler – a quality much appreciated by my clients.

Travel Diaries Look



Happy Shopping, and next time you’re looking to get away, check out Louisville for quiet mornings and fabulous sunsets.

Dreaming of home,


-SMP Stylist + Marketing Manager

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