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My baby boy turned three! How did that happen?! We all talk about how fast it all goes by, because it’s all too true. This is the beginning of a Brand New Era for my husband and I. Having 4 kiddos in 4.5 years, has meant that we’ve been digging in the baby/toddler trenches for 7.5 years straight. It’s been amazing, and we could not be more grateful for every precious second of it, but we’re now discovering this whole, bright, new, diaper-free world that’s just so FULL of possibilities! Like traveling. The thought of traveling doesn’t make us nauseous anymore!!

While blinking our eyes, as we adjust to this new world, and fighting all the emotions that come with leaving the old one behind (the baby/toddler world is so unbelievably precious!! And exhausting!!), we celebrated. Space Rocket style. Which is so fitting, since we feel as if we’re exploring new parenting worlds, right? Our little guy is obsessed with space right now – and the color orange – so we outfitted the house with stars and planets, and clusters of orange flowers, and supplied lots of little party people (they weren’t green, but they were cute!).

I did my very best to match his theme (my orange shoes have stars on them). He approved.

Checks + Orange 1a Checks + Orange 2a Checks + Orange 3a Checks + Orange 4a Checks + Orange 5a Checks + Orange 6a Checks + Orange 7aChecks + Orange 8b Checks + Orange 9a

I got lots of blue, space-sky-icing kisses to prove it.

Here’s to exploring new, amazing parenting worlds, while cherishing the oh-so-sweet ones we’re leaving behind.


Proud Mama of Four

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