Sparkling Out, Velveting In

Happy NYE!! 2016 has been a really good, blessed year for us. Rose and met challenges, struggled and learned a lot, opened up and cried, and loved a lot – just a really good growing year, for which I’m truly grateful. That said, I cannot even tell you how excited I am for 2017!! I can’t remember being this excited about a New Year, ever. Yes, moving into our home is a big, tangible (it’s happening, it’s really happening) part of it, but the Lord has been moving, leading, guiding us lately in such beautiful, visible, obvious ways, that I feel so filled with Hope, Joy, and such a to-my-core, settled Peace about it all, that I feel like sparks are firework-bursting out of my heart.

We are truly humbled, and are ever grateful to our loving, merciful Heavenly Father for all of it – the blessings, and the much-needed hard stuff for character-refining, and drawing us closer to Him.

Planning to button-up this firework heart of mine in some sparkle, tonight, and snuggle in the New Year with my sweet, sick babies (poor things!), and my precious husband – the absolute Loves of my life.

dinner-jacket-1a dinner-jacket-2a dinner-jacket-3a dinner-jacket-4a dinner-jacket-5a dinner-jacket-6a

Happy New Year to you all! May it be blessed, and filled-to-the-brim with Love.

xx -Carrie

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