Spring Hath Sprung!

Spriiiing is finally here!!! Oh, it’s been a long winter – we broke records, this year. It was long. Did I mention it was long? ‘Cuz it was loooong-uh. And it’s over. And school’s almost out, and the majority of my kids’ sports and clubs are almost over, too, so I might cry. The soft, sweetness of spring is here, and the blessed simplicity of summer is so tantalizingly near, I can almost taste it….

And I feel like all of this is embodied in my swing top – is that weird? It’s so, super cute, and sweet, I can’t stand it!! The soft, pale lavender, the whimsical print and sleeves, and floaty cut…. it’s just sings, spring is here! And summer is a comin’! Don’t ya think?;)

Anthro Swing Top 1a Anthro Swing Top 2a Anthro Swing Top 3a Anthro Swing Top 4a Anthro Swing Top 5a Anthro Swing Top 6a

Happy spring, Loves.

xx -Carrie

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