Stripes n’ Bikes with Donna Morgan

Good morning! Hope your week is off to a fresh start! We had a really fun weekend with the kiddos. My husband and I are currently watching his brother’s four daughters for the week, and while super busy, it’s been really special to integrate them into our crazy schedule, and watch them easily adapt to it, interact, and play together. We played Spoons and Wink ‘Em, last night, and I just gotta say, if you’re ever in need of some comic relief, I highly recommend card games with kids – hiiiiilarious.

Kicking off this week with another post, partnering with the lovely Donna Morgan! I am looooving this cotton-fresh dress. Nothing says “spring” like stripes and bare shoulders, and the flared sleeves add a perfect, feminine touch. She’s definitely a classic, and spring-through-summer keeper! Shopped some other favorite Donna Morgan “keepers” for ya, below….;)

Donna Morgan Stripes 1a Donna Morgan Stripes 2a Donna Morgan Stripes 3a Donna Morgan Stripes 4a Donna Morgan Stripes 5a Donna Morgan Stripes 6a Donna Morgan Stripes 7a Donna Morgan Stripes 8a Donna Morgan Stripes 9a Donna Morgan Stripes 10a Donna Morgan Stripes 11a

Aaaaand their top spring styles are currently 40% off! Ends 4/26, so (s)hop to it! 😉

PS. My husband built, and I painted, those gates in the background on our new farm! We’re getting closer and closer to move-in day!

xx -Carrie

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(Druzy “Avonlea” necklace by Gorjois and yes, my cardi is from J.Crew Men – I love the style and fit!! Perfect year-round. Shopped similar styles that are on sale right now!)

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  1. Vicki

    April 24, 2017 - 11:21 am

    Beautiful, just beautiful

    • Carrie

      April 25, 2017 - 8:10 am

      You are the sweeeetest! Thank you! :) xx -Carrie

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