Sunday Belated

Sure hope you’ve been enjoying a nice, long weekend! Our weekend plans kind of fell through, due to my husband and I not feeling well, but it’s forced us to take it easy, which has been really nice. We’ve been able to get a lot done on the interior design of our house (so fun!! and so exciting!!), and strategize for the next, coming, very busy months. What I haven’t mentioned, yet, or photographed, is that along with our stunning, perfect piece of land, comes a lot of old, not super stunning, outbuildings, and just….. piles, and piles, and piles of junk in ’em, and around ’em. Now, that we’ve cleared our building site of trees and brush, we’re now shifting our clearing prowess to all the surrounding junk yards. I won’t lie – it’s a little overwhelming, as a lot of it is way too heavy for me to drag or lift, but I also feel invigorated over the challenge of getting it all done. Our goal is to get all the junk cleared, and hauled off, the original farmhouse demo’ed, and cleared, and the barn, stable, and outbuildings remodeled, and re-painted by Christmas. Then we’ll tackle the fencing, which is a bit of a mess, too. I’d show you pictures, but it’s too depressing. I WILL show you the before/after pics, after we get it all done, though! Much more cheery.:)

We missed church yesterday, so here’s my belated post of “what we wore” last Sunday. It’s just the way it goes, sometimes….

Sunday Best Aug 28 2016 2b Sunday Best Aug 28 2016 3a Sunday Best Aug 28 2016 4a Sunday Best Aug 28 2016 6aSunday Best Aug 28 2016 1a

We start school, tomorrow! Pray for me.;) I’m actually really excited about what I’ll be teaching this year – it’s gonna be a gooood year.

God is so Good. All the time.



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