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Ok. So, the truth is, I was just looking for a new moto jacket. Not a fringe moto jacket. But I came across this one in my search, and I was suddenly all like, “Oh. I think I need this?” Not really a question, though. But I did feel slightly unsure, because fringe jackets have always lived in the style category of my brain as “Music Festival” (not my jam), “Heavy Metal Rocker” (literally not my jam), or “Annie Oakley” (more my jam, but not my vibe). (I hope you know I’m half-joking – I really don’t take all this seriously – it’s a jacket. Some strips of fake leather, perfectly cut and placed, living on a perfect-fitting, soft, smooth, nothing-short-of-amazing, vegan-leather jacket. Nothing life-transforming, here (crazy laugh)!! Although, I kinda think this jacket can, and maybe already is. I diiiid feel like a new person when I wore it….) Point is, is there a point? This jacket has me all like, whoa. Maybe I should go back to regular moto? Which I totally will, but not always. Not after this.

I wore this to church, Sunday! I really am a new person! This is me, 2016.


Fringe Jacket 1a Fringe Jacket 2a Fringe Jacket 3a Fringe Jacket 4aFringe Jacket 9aFringe Jacket 8aFringe Jacket 7a Fringe Jacket 5a Fringe Jacket 6a

Swing Dress: KAS New York x Anthropologie | T-neck: Gap (similar) | Vegan Leather Fringe Jacket: BlankNYC x UO | OTK Boots (old – similar) | Beanie: Kendall + Kylie (sold out – similar) | Sunnies: Ray-Ban | Lips: NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in “Cruella”

Isn’t it great? It’s straight out of the squashed mail, too, so it’s only gonna get better with time – like us all, right? :) I shopped some other good fringe jacket finds, below, but to be honest, this one is just by far my favorite. Except for maybe that almost $6k one, but that is just never gonna happen for me. And I’m ok with that, because I have this one. 😉

xx -Carrie

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