The Denim Dress that Almost Could

You’d never know it was July here – it’s been so chilly the past few days! Had to throw on a heavy cardi with this look, and I didn’t hate it…. made me excited for fall!! I was planning(ish) to wear this to church on Sunday, but my husband and I could not move on Sunday morning. We had spent all of Saturday sawing, hauling logs from the trees we’d cut down, last weekend, to clear our building site, and then hauled and planted 19 of our 30 trees! Our bodies are getting old. We was tiiiiired. So we did church at home. We’re going to try to be wiser in the future, and pace ourselves a little better, because we hate missing out on Real church, ya know?

Here’s the look I almost wore to church, and then almost wore to lunch (if you follow me on Snapchat, you already know this). My legs got cold, so I changed! Poor little almost look. I’m sure it was shocked because it’s such a staple. Shopped denim dresses, and aztec sweaters (cuz ya just never know), below.:)

Denim Dress Sweater Coat 1a Denim Dress Sweater Coat 2a Denim Dress Sweater Coat 3a Denim Dress Sweater Coat 4a Denim Dress Sweater Coat 5a Denim Dress Sweater Coat 6a Denim Dress Sweater Coat 7a Denim Dress Sweater Coat 8a

Hope you have a completely (not almost) great Tuesday!;)

xx -Carrie

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