The Pink Orange

You know how you make friends with someone on Instagram, and you’re just in immediate awe of their obvious, creative talent, and of how incredibly beautiful they make everything they touch? And then they ask you to collaborate with them, and you’re all like, a half-thrilled/half panicked, Whoa, whut. Really? Me? That’s kind of me with this post. I’m not kidding when I say I’m in awe of Rebecca Ashby of The Pink Orange. Her talents are not few, and her taste is positively immaculate – like, on another planet, immaculate. If there was a planet called Immaculate, it would be Her Domain. Rebecca first opened the doors of The Pink Orange back in 2006, “with a vision of crafting luxury stationery that is both exquisite and meaningful.” And believe me, it is all of that, and more. The Pink Orange is now considered a premier stationer, garnering high-profile clients such as, Lady Antebellum, Justin Bieber, and was even recently featured at the 85th Annual Oscar Awards! (Can you say, killin’ it?!) Rebecca just re-launched her new, gorrrrgeous website, where you can purchase anything from her exquisite stationary, to lovely home + office supplies/decor, to wedding + party essentials, to even beautiful, decorative stamps! I’m seriously in love with e-he-ver-y-thing on her site, and am so, so thrilled to have connected with her, and become her “Insta” friend (she’s super sweet, to boot).:) This is definitely going to be a very happy, longgg-term relationship (whether she likes it, or not – ha!).

Today, I’m featuring a few Pink Orange pretties (with some li’l blonde pretties), but you’ll be seeing much, much more from this homeschool mama for a long time to come. I’m already decorating my new office and schoolroom – that haven’t quiiiiite been finalized in drawing plans, yet – with Pink Orange decor! Not even kidding. Serious T. P. O. fan, right here….The Pink Orange 1bThe Pink Orange 2aThe Pink Orange 7aThe Pink Orange 6aThe Pink Orange 5aThe Pink Orange 4aThe Pink Orange 8aThe Pink Orange 9aThe Pink Orange 3aThe Pink Orange 11a

Featured Pink Orange Pretties:

Live Happily Art Print | Dotty Pencil Cups | Plaid File Folders | Heart File Folders | Dotty File Folders

Cheers to pretty, little things that help make life’s moments immeasurable.

xx -Carrie

Stylist + Mama x 4


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