Tips on Choosing Your Perfect, Photo-Ready, Wedding Look


Time change has come and we are ALL hoping this snow is behind us. I know I am… as much as I love the layering of scarves, leggings, and boots, I’m ready to breathe in the sun’s warmth. As we transition into spring, we also transition into wedding season! Today, I want to show you a couple of looks (hair and makeup) from a shoot I did with photog, Tabitha Booth. The beautiful Alicia gave me the pleasure of transforming her into a model for the day! She’s beautiful without getting dolled up, but it was a blast! The hair and makeup I worked on in this shoot  could be used for weddings, engagement photos, or everyday looks! Here are a few guidelines/tips for choosing hair and makeup on the Big Day.


First, when trying to decide how you want to wear your hair for your wedding, try focusing on what makes you feel beautiful. Think about how you wear your hair every day, what you like when you dress up for date night, or a fancy event, and then share these ideas with your stylist! Take into consideration what your dress looks like, how fancy, or laid-back your big day is going to be. Even think about the time of day. It all matters, and can really help you narrow down the perfect look for you.


Second, MAKEUP!!! People can do one extreme to the next, so document what inspires you with pictures. I LOVE when my guests bring pictures! It helps me bring their dream to a reality. Sometimes it can be scary to have someone do your makeup for your wedding, but trust that your stylist/makeup artist knows what you are looking for. If you aren’t sure what you really want, take a look at your daily routine and figure out how you can amp it up a bit for your wedding.  Even if you don’t wear a ton of makeup, you will want to add a tad more enhancement for your wedding photos! It will look flawless on a photo and not overdone. Promise.


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Third, this day is ALL about you and your man. So do what makes you happy and feel beautiful. Opinions are nice, but at the end of the day, do what will make you feel unstoppable.  If you need some inspiration, please contact me! I’d love to assist you in the process. :) Just fill out a form here or book in person at J. Michael’s Spa and Salon in Louisville, Ky.  Happy wedding season, and happy ever after!

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