To Market, To Market

This day was really special for us in Cabo. We strolled, had a lovely beachside lunch, strolled again, and then stumbled upon theeee cutest and most unique market we’d ever been to. Meet Flora Farms – a special, farm-to-table oasis, settled in a little valley of San Jose del Cabo. I’ll post about our experience at the actual farm later, but most of this post shows you what their cute little market looks like in Cabo….

But first, lunch.

To Market 2b To Market 2c To Market 3b To Market 4a To Market 5b To Market 6b

Yurm. Now. How cute is this little market?! We were greeted by the friendliest gal that immediately placed fresh, homemade bread, drizzled with homemade olive oil, into our hands. Yum. She then gave us tiny, sweet plums to snack on while we shopped. I meannn. Have you ever?? We then learned that all the organic produce, honey, soaps and lotions, were produced on or near the farm, and that they had a restaurant there as well! Needless to say, we were hooked, and all ready to plan a trip out there (more on that later!). Here are some snaps we took of this perfect little Flora Farms Market.

To Market 7a To Market 8a To Market 9a To Market 10a To Market 11a To Market 12a To Market 13a To Market 14a To Market 15a To Market 16b

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We bought amazzzzing made-from-scratch cinnamon buns, cookies, bar soap, and some heavenly-smelling Blood Orange lotion (it’s divine!). We then went back the next day and bought olive bread, more cinnamon buns, and a cute, striped Turkish towel I couldn’t stop thinking about after we left (it happens). I’m hoping, hoping, hoping they start selling their products online, but until then, take a peek at their Flora Farms + Santo Cabo sites – it shows you all the services they offer, as well as photos of their beautiful grounds. Stay tuned for our own photos of our experience at the farm – that day was even more special for us!

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