TOMS: Shop the Looks + Make a Difference

It’s no secret we’re big fans of the “One For One” mission behind TOMS footwear and accessories (and now, coffee)! If you’re unfamiliar with this term, or the mission, TOMS provides shoes, clean water, and helps to restore sight to those in need, with each respective purchase of shoes, eyewear, and coffee. Hence, “One For One.” To read more about the background story, and detailed mission of TOMS, check out Alyssa’s TOMS Feature she posted last month – it’s a great read, and she styled a super cute look, to boot!

So, in honor of our “Give Back” series this week, we put together some great looks that we think pair perfectly with some fab, comfy TOMS!

Here are some easy, classic looks, paired with perhaps two of the most versatile shoes ever.

Get Her Look




An effortless, casual look that still looks chic and pulled together. Classic. And don’t you love that TOMS tote?! Perfect.




Looove this wedge. It’s a great, super-versatile summer shoe, but that neon-yellow piping separates it from the “yawn” category of a lot of super-versatile shoes out there. So, what are ya waiting for? Let’s get shopping, and make a difference while we’re at it!


If you love these looks, and want them shopped in your size and a specific price-range, get one of our stylists to help you! Or have your stylist help you put together similar looks from your closet! We can get you all set-up right here online – no appointments necessary.


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