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Soooo, the last time I wore overalls (exempting the ones I recently wore that were cut more like a jumpsuit), was sometime in the mid-90s, I think? Not a great look. When this overall trend thing started popping up this past fall, I inwardly groaned…. To be frank, I kind of wished it would just go away (dramatic hand to forehead). Overalls look cool, and somehow sexy on the young twenty-somethings, but I’m not any of those things (even when I was twenty). All of these factors should have said, “Stay Away from the Overalls, 30-something MOM.” And they did – reallllly loud, by the way. But I’m a sucker for a challenge. If someone tells me “No,” I suddenly become very interested in tenaciously pursuing “Yes.” In this particular overall case, I was actually telling myself “no,” so it was either Me or Myself that decided overalls would be a great idea (I’m betting it was Myself – she’s a stinker). But I’m glad one of them won, because I actually kind of like them….


Overall Trend 1a Overall Trend 2a Overall Trend 4a Overall Trend 5b Overall Trend 6a


Shirt: Gant. Overalls: Fade to Blue. Trench: Banana Republic (similar). Pumps: Charles David. Necklace: R.J. Graziano. Leather cuff: Satine. Bracelet: Jules Smith. Pinky ring: Topshop. Clutch: Zara (old). Sunnies: Framework. Nails: Julep in “Reese.”

With any new trend I’m unsure about trying, I always start off by pairing it with ultra-safe classics (I like to take baby steps with my scary trends). And because overalls can instantly read young (as in toddler young), and can look very Country-Mouse, adding some sophisticated, edgy pieces can quickly take it to a more age-appropriate and modern realm. It does not get more safe or classic than a crisp, white button-down, black pumps, and a trench. Like I said, I take baby steps! But it’s a method that works to help this old mom learn to walk these new-fangled, ever-changing trends.

By the way, you know what current trend I will not be trying? Birkenstocks. I have an unyielding loyalty to fun, pretty shoes.



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