U S A! U S A! U S A!

Straight out of the gate, I’d like to apologize for looking directly at the camera in EVERY picture. My bad, ya’ll. How un-editorial of me. Today marks the start of my FAVORITE month. July is the most American time of the year. Hot dogs, Ice Cream, swimming pools, green grass, and baseball are all in full swing. Over the past few weeks, I’ve felt even more patriotic as I’ve cheered on the American Soccer Team in the World Cup. There’s nothing like going out with friends after work and yelling at the top of your lungs when someone scores a “GOAAALLLLLLL.”

My most treasured month is always rung in with Independence Day, when suddenly it’s perfectly normal to wear flags as clothing. I know I’m about to see many a “Classic Old Navy Flag Tee” on the street.* I’m not saying I’m gonna wear a flag as a shirt come Friday, but I will try to look sweet and patriotic.

Lately, I never quite know if my evening plans will be casual or not, so typically I air to the side of dressy, which is why I was so excited to dust off my faithful red dress. This dress carried me through many a sorority Rush season and never fails to get a great reaction. It’s a classic shape with some sexy details. A few days ago, the street on my walk home was drenched in some stunning, end of Sunday light. For once, I wasn’t sad the weekend was over – the golden rays kissing my shoulders helped me sail into a new week, a new month, and another shot at inspiration.

Red dress + summer fedora = my 4th of July.

julyfourth_004 julyfourth_019 julyfourth_029julyfourth_071 julyfourth_127Pro Tip for dress up day  – stash flip flops in your purse for the walk home. If you’re struggling to balance yourself after a long day at work, I promise you that everyone can tell. Be elegant and cute in your flats!

* I don’t condone the Old Navy Flag Tee. Maybe just wear something red with denim shorts?

Happy 4th of July, as always our hearts go out to those still defending our freedom. Do me a favor and wave a sparkler around for me? Oh and: I believe that we will win.

julyfourth_101Wearing: Dress – Old, Try this, Hat – Walmart! (Can you believe it?) This hat is on my wish list though, Shoes – BCBG, Trendier Version, Sandals – TJ Max, Similar, Bag – Alexander Wang


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