Varsity Blues

I had kinda forgotten, or just blocked out, how marathon-tiring the school year is! Wowzers. And it’s only Tuesday…. Needing some good ol’ varsity prep in my step, today, that’s for sure.;) This jacket I’m wearing was a total steal from Gap – if you saw my Instagram story, a little while back, comparing this jacket to its YSL and Marc Jacobs counterparts, you already know what a gem it is! And I hope you grabbed one, because it has sold out again for the second time! I shopped some other finds for you, below, though!

varsity-jacket-2a varsity-jacket-3a varsity-jacket-4b varsity-jacket-6avarsity-jacket-1b

I like playing with brooches on mine РEtsy is my favorite place to find some one-of-kind vintage gems.:)

Hope you have a lovely evening!

xx -Carrie

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