Velvet + Crown Jewels, with a Side o’ Socks, Please

Wowzers. I feel like life is in constant fast-forward mode lately, but I’m still stuck in human speed. I’m all, How is it Monday already? What happened last week? (But I quickly kinda remember.) We have an extra-full school load this year that I’m teaching, and we’ve added a lot of activities and sports for the kiddos, on top of all the research and decisions we currently have to make on building our house… So, all that + holiday madness = fast-forward pace (complete with chipmunky voices). Not complainin’, though! I actually love it. I love how much my children are learning in so many different, varied categories, and I love how they’ve been able to make so many friends – I’ve never seen them happier! It’s all so very worth it. Mama just needs a human-paced breather now and again – whew!

What is not in fast forward mode, is me trying the sock trend. It is a newer-ish trend, and I’ve been meaning to try it for a while now, but kept forgetting to buy suitable socks… (Free People has an outstanding sock selection, by the way!) I paired my socks with nothing other than velvet, of course – perfect for another date night. Loving velvet right now, and with the holidays around the corner, a good velvet dress can take you all the way through them with the greatest of ease…. Shopped some of my favorites for ya, below (all under $250 – this one I’m wearing is on sale for $25!).

Oh, and last-minute, I added a brooch and cuff to my sleeve, and my youngest started calling me “Your Majesty.” Ha! Made my day. So, here’s my velvet + crown jewels look with socks.;)

velvet-crown-jewels-1a velvet-crown-jewels-2a velvet-crown-jewels-3a velvet-crown-jewels-4a velvet-crown-jewels-5a velvet-crown-jewels-6a velvet-crown-jewels-7a

Oh! And the ruffle blouse! I’m in serious love with it. So good.

Cheers to a bursting-full life, Loves! Let’s embrace it, be thankful, and enjoy it.

xx -Carrie

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