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Site’s back up and running! Tried posting yesterday morning, but it was a no-go. Anyhoo, we just back from a week of bliss in Costa Rica (and by “we,” I mean just my husband and I – hence, the bliss;). It was A-mazing. Full of jungle-dreams-come-true with monkeys trotting into our bathroom, and one smashing my coffee cup to pieces, and then throwing it over the balcony (precious – I adore that particular monkey). Walking to dinner with iguanas, along with Costa Rica’s version of a raccoon (can’t remember what they’re called!). Just incredible. We also gave the lounging-by-the-pool sitch its proper due, and ate our weight in plantain chips and salsa (I’m a serious fan, and will attempt to make them, next week!! Will post the recipe, if it turns out well!).

Here’s what I wore on a day out to a nearby coastal town to do some strollin’ and shoppin’. But first, a photo op by the cutest VW I’ve ever seen, at our hotel…..

Mara Hoffman Dress 1a Mara Hoffman Dress 3b Mara Hoffman Dress 4a Mara Hoffman Dress 5a  Mara Hoffman Dress 6a Mara Hoffman Dress 7a Mara Hoffman Dress 8a Mara Hoffman Dress 9a Mara Hoffman Dress 10a Mara Hoffman Dress 11a

We bought the cutest, handmade from clay, animal flute-whistles for our kiddos! Each one was unique – we got a parrot, toucan, turtle, and a sloth.:) A boy made me a rose from a slender leaf – pretty sure they do this for all the tourists, but it was sweet, nonetheless. So fun to get out and explore someplace new!

Getting some other posts from our trip ready for ya…. stay tuned!

xx -Carrie

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