What to Wear to Early-Fall, Day + Evening Weddings

Although summer is coming to an end, wedding season seems to be revving up – it will be busier than ever in September and October! Our beauty and wardrobe stylists are completely booked for in-person hair/makeup/styling these next several weeks, and are currently busy getting SMP clients ready for those end-of-summer, early-fall weddings coming up! Inspired by our clients, we decided to shop and style some different wedding looks for you, sweet readers, to hopefully lend some inspiration on what to wear when witnessing your next nuptial.

There are so many factors to consider when selecting “the right” look for a wedding (or any event); time and location are big ones, but personality, body shape, and personal-style preference are other major contenders. There’s a lot of thought that goes into it! That said, the looks we’ve chosen are not just examples of “what to wear,” but they each reflect the personality of the wearer – an essential component in personal style….

Outdoor Wedding



 The maxi-dress look is for that warm, hilarious, confident, breezy gal. She’s low maintenance, wears her hair in its natural state, maybe a light lipgloss when she’s feeling “fancy,” but she loooves playing with prints and color, and doesn’t take life too seriously. She’s the one you hope will be sitting at your table. The marigold dress look is as sweet as the wearer. She usually goes for polished silhouettes, but loves to shake things up a bit in the color and print department. She might act shy at first, but she will be that last, wild one on the dance floor.

Evening Wedding


The lovely, romantic, green-dress-wearer is a bit quiet and reserved at first, but she’s full of surprises. She is well-read, well-traveled, and has a funny quirkiness about her that makes her endearing, and easy to talk to. Convos are always interesting with her, as she has no shortage of unique topics to cover. She educates and inspires without even trying, or even knowing this about herself. Navy-dress-girl is the “cool girl,” that has an understated elegance, coupled with an edgy-sophistication. Once you hang with her a bit, you discover she’s refreshingly genuine, a good listener, and has the best, most contagious laugh. She’s the one that will make you feel like you attended the best wedding ever.

We hope this lends some style inspiration for your upcoming nuptial-attendance! If you need some styling help, and would love a new look shopped for you, or want to be styled using your existing wardrobe, our stylists are experts at this! And they can do all this for you completely online – no appointments or scheduling needed. Just select the subscription or package that’s perfect for you right here, fill-in your details via your SMP profile, and let your stylist take it from there!

Have a stylish day, beautiful ladies! Happy Friday!


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