Wearing the Sunshine

Good morning! So. It seems I’m always busting out my trusty, yellow, J.Crew coat this time of year, and I think it’s because we’re usually teased with spring-like weather, only to be yanked back to gloomy, snowy, slushy winter (such is the nature of transitional weather, I know). Wearing my yella fella just helps to compensate for the gloom – it feels like I’m wearing cheery sunshine! Enough said, right? My kiddos and I are still fighting a nasty cold, so I’m afraid that’s all the expounding my sluggish, little brain can handle, today…. 😉

J.Crew Tote 1a J.Crew Tote 2a J.Crew Tote 3a J.Crew Tote 5a J.Crew Tote 6a J.Crew Tote 7a J.Crew Tote 8a J.Crew Tote 9a

I’ve had this coat for… goodness, six or seven years now? I bought it on sale when my oldest was just a baby, and it still looks brand new – a testament to how well-made J.Crew coats are. They’re worth the investment! Also, I’m loving those Steve Madden sandals – such a steal of a shoe!

Happy Tuesday, Lovelies!


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