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It was. An absolutely. Gorrrrrrgeous weekend for outdoor weddings this past weekend!! So very fortunate for us that we actually got to attend one! My husband and I haven’t been to a wedding in…. hmm, many, many moons (because we’re, like, almost 92), so we were super excited to go to this one. We had a babysitter all lined up, and were ready to cele and dance the night away! Except the sitter cancelled. However, the bride was beyond gracious, and told us we were more than welcome to bring our kiddies – they had a kid-friendly food bar, and everything (how brilliant is that, by the way?)! And can I just say how uh-mazing it is that brides+grooms-to-be have their own wedding websites/pages now??! It makes everything so eeeeasy, and personable, and fun!! Back in the dark ages when we got married, the internet was only – and barely – used for a new way of communication, called email. You had to trek to a store, and hunt down the frazzled, bridal registry manager that had to help you print out pages and pages of confusing lists and lists of stuff, and then you had to go search and search the store for that perfect something, squinting to make sure it was the right item number, the right color, etc…. And then at checkout, it was another long, confusing process for the cashier to figure out how to check you out through the bridal registry. And then you had to wrap it, find the bride’s address to mail it, or heave it to the wedding. Lost the boring invite with the time and address, and forgot to write it down on your calendar (there were no Siris back then!)? Guess you’re not going.

Anyway. Back to this modern, easy-breezy, gorgeous wedding. We had the most fun. Our kids were… being kids, of course, but they were quiet during the crucial parts  – despite our youngest falling off the chair and hitting his head pretty hard on another one, jussst as they started walking the parents down the aisle…. But he cried silently, poor, obedient thing! I had given them all a very simple, but strict wedding briefing just a few minutes prior, so I was grateful he actually listened! My heart melted into a puddle. He really can be such a good, sweet boy. Sometimes.

Here we are. My wedding troupe.

N & A Wedding 1c N & A Wedding 2a N & A Wedding 3a N & A Wedding 4a N & A Wedding 5a N & A Wedding 6a N & A Wedding 7a N & A Wedding 8a N & A Wedding 9a N & A Wedding 10a N & A Wedding 11a N & A Wedding 12c N & A Wedding 13b N & A Wedding 14b N & A Wedding 15a N & A Wedding 16a N & A Wedding 17a N & A Wedding 18a N & A Wedding 19a N & A Wedding 20a N & A Wedding 21d N & A Wedding 22a N & A Wedding 23a N & A Wedding 24a N & A Wedding 25a N & A Wedding 26a N & A Wedding 27a N & A Wedding 28b

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It was a perfect evening, and so much fun! Many thanks to the incredibly gracious bride and groom!

xx -Carrie

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