Who is the Fair-aisle-est of All?

So, my husband had to leave at 4 this morning to go fly, which meant my youngest had to crawl in bed with me at 5:45. I asked him if all the other kids were up, and he said, “Nope. Everybody should get up. I think it’s morning. Ok, Mama. It’s morning. Get up.” And thennn he climbed on my back and started singing, “It’s Raining, It’s Pouring” in its entirety, and before his last note even had time to float from his lips, he said, “Watch me disappear!! Get up, Mama. Watch!!” And so the day began…

There may not be strong enough coffee for me this morning, but this gorgie, cozy sweater-poncho sure does give me all the warm, happy feels. I mean it. Even through my exhausted haze, I can see all the possibilities of fall, and cheery holiday gatherings in the near future when I look at it… She’s a Keeper, this one.


My skirt is old, but a good button-front denim skirt is a key player this fall, so I shopped a bunch for ya, below.

Happy Hump Day…?:)

xx -Carrie

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