Winter Whites + Evergreens

The holidays have begun! I’m so giddy. No school for the rest of the week, and Christmas music is officially on constant stream – yippee!! Happy mama over here….

I’m also super happy to dish on this new sweater by Lilla P. I absolutely, hands-down, capital “L,” Loooove their sweaters. You should know, I’m extremely sensitive to wool. Usually, anything with acrylic, or wool in it irritates my skin and eyes so much, I just can’t wear it. I don’t know how or why, but Lilla P’s wool sweaters do not itch, or irritate my skin AT ALL. They’re also super, super soft, and the fit is so perfect (not too tight, not too loose), that I just wanna live in ’em. I’m a serious fan over here. And a super fan of this evergreen shade! And the short-sleeve cuff detail, too! Oh, and of white denim, right now!! Sorry, I’m on a holiday high… But seriously, wearing white denim this time of year is my favorite. It’s just a little bit unexpected, and so fresh. Now, I’m all for a good deal, but white denim is not a category on which you wanna skimp. Quality of material and fit is crucial for carrying it off well (believe me, I’ve tried mannny “great deals”). My all-time favorite is Paige’s “Verdugo” style (what I’m wearing in this post), but I shopped a few other brands worth keeping in mind, plus my favorite sweater picks from Lilla P (for the holiday weekend, take 25% off your purchase sitewide + free shipping with code HOLIDAY16!!). Get shoppin’!!:)lilla-p-hunter-green-1a lilla-p-hunter-green-2a lilla-p-hunter-green-3a lilla-p-hunter-green-5a lilla-p-hunter-green-6a lilla-p-hunter-green-7a lilla-p-hunter-green-8a

Happy Thanksgiving, Loves, and cheers to the official start of the Holidays!!

xx -Carrie

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