Black + White + Date Night All Over

Oh my word, child! Two things: the week after the holidays, and so.much.snow has me all like !!!!!! This week is proving to be a bit smoother life/school-wise, but the snow just keeps coming!! My goodness! I have no idea how many feet we have out there, right now, but it hasn’t stopped this Georgia girl from driving in it to make soccer dreams come true, and to go for a fun night OUT with friends!;)

Here’s what I wore for a double date night out with some very dear friends of ours – back before we got a few feet of snow dumped on us! A little, helpful tip for ya: if you’re dreaming of a glass of bubbly for, oh, say, six hours prior to your date…. double check to make sure you have your photo ID with you. Jusssst so that when your babysitter sees 95 missed calls and texts from you, begging her to dig it out of your other bag, and text you a photo of it, she won’t think you’re a complete psycho. (Please don’t, sweet, good, beautiful babysitter! I really, really want to go out on Valentine’s night!)

My carefree, pre-psycho look, with no ID in my bag, and part of our cat, Boots.

b-w-date-night-all-over-1a b-w-date-night-all-over-2a b-w-date-night-all-over-3a b-w-date-night-all-over-5b b-w-date-night-all-over-6a

Shopped some faux leather skinnies for ya, ’cause every gal (crazy and sane) needs a pair in her wardrobe.


xx -Carrie

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