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Little Alice Fell

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland So, there is something about this little park that feels a bit Alice-in-Wonderland magical to me. It looks different every time we visit (and we visit often). Something new is always in bloom through the spring and summer,

Dance Sesh

Happy Fourth! Hope you’re enjoying your holiday! I’m finally getting around to posting this (extra holiday time, this morning – ha!), but we’ve got a red, white, and blue thing going on, so it’s fitting, in a happy-accident kinda way. 😉 I was teaching the kids some dance steps after church, a few Sundays back, and we had the

Popsicles + Rainbows

Summerrrrrtime is my faaaavorite!!! Everyday is Saturday, basically. Craving color and popsicles on the daily, and happily satisfying each.;) Took these at our new house! She’s coming along – hard to believe we’ll be moving in, in about six, short weeks! Eeeeek!! Too bad we’re not enjoying ourselves at all.;) Happy summer to you!!!! xx

A Queen for a Day

Ever worn a dress that makes you feel like Cinderella? Well, I kinda felt like her (or maybe Elizabeth Bennet-ish?) when I wore this on Mother’s Day. Cotton gingham may not scream, Where’s my coach and footmen? But there was something about the billowy, ball gown cut of it, and the way my children fussed over

My Li’l Goslings

So, we have these geese on our farm that my whole family is kind of obsessed with. We had seven goslings on our farm last spring, and we watched them grow, and waddle around together, even after they became adults! And this spring we have three families! We think some of them might be siblings

Girls Just Wanna

My girls and I took a much needed “Girl Day” to get our hair did, recently, and we had the best time together!! My husband took some snaps of us heading out (in front of our barn-in-progress), and it’s just too bad we weren’t excited about our time away from the boys, or anything….;) My