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My Valentines

Happy Valentine’s Day, Loves!! My husband proposed to me nineteen years ago, today! I was still recovering from a bad case of pneumonia, and could barely stand up (I look deathly pale in all my engagement-day photos!). I feel terrible, because my husband went to such lengths that day. He had 50 roses delivered to

Popsicles + Rainbows

Summerrrrrtime is my faaaavorite!!! Everyday is Saturday, basically. Craving color and popsicles on the daily, and happily satisfying each.;) Took these at our new house! She’s coming along – hard to believe we’ll be moving in, in about six, short weeks! Eeeeek!! Too bad we’re not enjoying ourselves at all.;) Happy summer to you!!!! xx

A Queen for a Day

Ever worn a dress that makes you feel like Cinderella? Well, I kinda felt like her (or maybe Elizabeth Bennet-ish?) when I wore this on Mother’s Day. Cotton gingham may not scream, Where’s my coach and footmen? But there was something about the billowy, ball gown cut of it, and the way my children fussed over

Pure & Simple

Hiya! Hope you had a wonderful long weekend, and are off to a good start, this short week! I spilled  my coffee twice already this morning. Like, massive spills – not just some dainty splashes. My fault the first time, because I got overly excited about deciding between two paint samples (the painters are coming,

Lilla P & Other Stories

Happy Friday!! Just living the blogger dream over here…. For this post, I’ve partnered with two amazing brands: the always lovely Lilla P, and the urban-cool & Other Stories. Lucky Irish lass, I know. 😉 First up, Lilla P! Nothing says “ready for summer” than soft cotton, and bare shoulders, am I right?! Of course