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My Valentines

Happy Valentine’s Day, Loves!! My husband proposed to me nineteen years ago, today! I was still recovering from a bad case of pneumonia, and could barely stand up (I look deathly pale in all my engagement-day photos!). I feel terrible, because my husband went to such lengths that day. He had 50 roses delivered to

Red Lace

I’m on a blogging roll, this morning!! Wanted to get these up before we take down and move my computer station (no telling when it’ll be set back up in our new house)! So. This. Red. Dress. It’s hands-down my favorite red dress I have ever, ever worn!! Like, in all my life. Donna Morgan

Rose & Merlot, Please

Um, where did November go??? What a whirlwind this month has been! So, we’ve been working like mad to get into our house before Thanksgiving, but it’s just not gonna happen. We’re disappointed of course, but it’s hard to stay feeling that way when your FAVORITE TWIN BROTHER & FAM is coming all the way from


Juxtaposed this look, like ya read about (pun intended). 😉 Baseball cap with a blazer, cropped jeans n’ combat boots, blues with a li’l blush pink…. I literally just threw them together, ‘cuz I felt like it, and then my literary brain realized all the contrasts, later. Ha! Hey, when comes to fashion and personal style,