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A Queen for a Day

Ever worn a dress that makes you feel like Cinderella? Well, I kinda felt like her (or maybe Elizabeth Bennet-ish?) when I wore this on Mother’s Day. Cotton gingham may not scream, Where’s my coach and footmen? But there was something about the billowy, ball gown cut of it, and the way my children fussed over

Pure & Simple

Hiya! Hope you had a wonderful long weekend, and are off to a good start, this short week! I spilled  my coffee twice already this morning. Like, massive spills – not just some dainty splashes. My fault the first time, because I got overly excited about deciding between two paint samples (the painters are coming,

Lilla P & Other Stories

Happy Friday!! Just living the blogger dream over here…. For this post, I’ve partnered with two amazing brands: the always lovely Lilla P, and the urban-cool & Other Stories. Lucky Irish lass, I know. 😉 First up, Lilla P! Nothing says “ready for summer” than soft cotton, and bare shoulders, am I right?! Of course

Spring Hath Sprung!

Spriiiing is finally here!!! Oh, it’s been a long winter – we broke records, this year. It was long. Did I mention it was long? ‘Cuz it was loooong-uh. And it’s over. And school’s almost out, and the majority of my kids’ sports and clubs are almost over, too, so I might cry. The soft,

My Li’l Goslings

So, we have these geese on our farm that my whole family is kind of obsessed with. We had seven goslings on our farm last spring, and we watched them grow, and waddle around together, even after they became adults! And this spring we have three families! We think some of them might be siblings