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La La Land

I confess. I’ve never even seen a preview for La La Land, but I reallllly want to see it ‘cuz I have a small crush on both what’s-his-face and what’s-her-name? Gah, I’m so out of touch with the glitz world. Lame. But seriously, the guy that’s on all those hilarious “Hey, Girl” thingys, and they

Pretty in Peplum with Lilla P

Goooood morning! I’ve partnered up with the always lovely, Lilla P, today! They’re one of my favorite brands for many reasons, but mainly because the quality of their pieces is outstanding. Every piece is cut beautifully, made to last, and I love their classic, effortless designs that are at once timeless, and oh-so easy and

Birthday Girl

Wowzers. Can’t believe I’m just now posting photos from my birthday lunch (which was over a month ago)! Things are really ramping up with our house, so I’m blaming that for being so behind on my blog, and life, these days…. It was such a fun day! We were planning to go celebrate at a little

Lunchin’ Crew

Happy Saturday! Sooooo happy that there is not nearly this much snow on the ground anymore, and that we are heading to WARMTH, tomorrow!! We’ve had record-breaking snow this winter, and have felt a bit cooped up from it, so we’ve been trying to get oot-and-boot in town more with the kiddos, and try new

Sticky Bran Muffins

These. Are. Soooooo good. !!!! I substituted dried cranberries instead of raisins (just cuz I’m not a fan of raisins), and the only thing I’m going to try differently next time, is doubling the sticky syrup mixture. The mixture only covered the lower half of the muffin (which is what made them so moist and