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Red Lace

I’m on a blogging roll, this morning!! Wanted to get these up before we take down and move my computer station (no telling when it’ll be set back up in our new house)! So. This. Red. Dress. It’s hands-down my favorite red dress I have ever, ever worn!! Like, in all my life. Donna Morgan

Birthday Girl

Wowzers. Can’t believe I’m just now posting photos from my birthday lunch (which was over a month ago)! Things are really ramping up with our house, so I’m blaming that for being so behind on my blog, and life, these days…. It was such a fun day! We were planning to go celebrate at a little

Lunchin’ Crew

Happy Saturday! Sooooo happy that there is not nearly this much snow on the ground anymore, and that we are heading to WARMTH, tomorrow!! We’ve had record-breaking snow this winter, and have felt a bit cooped up from it, so we’ve been trying to get oot-and-boot in town more with the kiddos, and try new

Birthday Squad

It’s my birthday, today! Gonna party all night ’til nine (cuz I’m old with four kids), cuz it’s ma birthday.;) Feeling blessed and grateful, waking up to so many sweet birthday wishes from family and friends, this morning! Seriously, my heart is about to pop, it feels so full. This “Sunday Best” is from last Sunday before church,

Life-Coloring Changes

Buckle up! I’ve got a lot of ‘splainin’ to do. I am so, super excited about some changes I’m making to my blog, this year!! My paragraph titles will give you a good idea of where I’m going with it, if ya don’t feel like reading my life’s blog story.;) A Little Background, First…. For those