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White Out

Happy Monday to you! I’m trying to rally, this morning – the last couple of weeks have just been non-stop, and this week, and next, will be much of the same. Doing my best to power up for it, but Mama is tiiiiiired. Is summer almost here (pant, pant)?? It’ll be here soon enough, and I am

A Swing in My Step

Whew, is it the weekend, yet?! Mama tired. So much good going on, though – I’m staying the course (armed with lots of coffeeee)!! So, I pretty much lived in this sweet little swing dress from Anthro, while we were in Costa Rica. It took me to the pool, beach, walks through the little village,

Pink Perk-Me-Up

Well, this is a very perky, pink, pick-me-up post (say that 10 times fast) on this very snowy day! I love, love love this suit by Kate Spade. So cute, so flattering, so funn, and will be easy to wear, splashing around with the kiddos, this summer. Delish, little pink macaroon of a swimsuit. And

Kardashian Nights

So, here’s the dress I wore the night I almost became famous. The Kardashians were filming all week where we were staying, and unbeknownst to us, we walked in for dinner reservations at the same place where they were setting up a private dinner for the K klan (snapped a pic, below). And that’s my

VW Love

Site’s back up and running! Tried posting yesterday morning, but it was a no-go. Anyhoo, we just back from a week of bliss in Costa Rica (and by “we,” I mean just my husband and I – hence, the bliss;). It was A-mazing. Full of jungle-dreams-come-true with monkeys trotting into our bathroom, and one smashing my

Last Rays of Summer

I can’t believe we’re nearing the end of August! How did that happen?? Fall is right around the corner, butttt. It’s still summer, guys. Still time to get some more wear out of those shorts, and go for those lazy ice cream strolls with the fam. Planning to make the most of it! Popover: J.Crew | Short Trench:

Her Flair, My Flare

In case you didn’t know, there was a spectacular night-sky show going on last night! We woke our eldest two, and I also grabbed my sister, to go watch the meteor shower that’s been happening the last few nights – last night was supposed to be the best viewing night, because there was no moon. It.

Crater Lake

Just some snaps of one of my favorite places ever, in one of my favorite shirts ever, with some of my favorite peeps ever. Denim Shirt: American Eagle | Jeans: Blank NYC | Bag: Liebeskind | Watch: The Horse | Shoes: Converse Despite missing a few cousins, this visit was one for the books. Cherishing these

The New BR for Fall

So. Banana Republic. I cannot seem to stop shopping there now!!! It all started last fall, when the brand began cranking out some serious, on-point designs, as well as amping-up its styling game, in general. The timing of Marissa Webb being appointed as BR’s new Creative Director + Executive Vice President late last spring, is not lost on me. She’s