Cozy-Fall Mama + Maternity Style

Happy Mid-Week Mama Day! Well, Fashion Week Month has kind of taken over our lives here at SMP, and while amazing, I’m glad it’s over, so we can get back to the more important things in life, like Mama Wear (wink)! I’ve shopped some great, casual, cozy looks for fall, and even though maternity looks are pictured, I also shopped some non-maternity options (as always) for each look, below each set. There are some great sales going on, today….!

Cozy-Fall Maternity Style



How cozy and cute is this look for fall? For those of you allergic to wool (like me), that sweater is 100% cotton! Woohoo! It might be a little bit of a splurge, along with the grey booties, but they’re items you can wear forever after pregnancy, so they’re definitely worth considering! Fringe is trending super-hot right now, and will be throughout spring and summer, so you’ll be sure to get plenty of use from that fab bag! It’s a great price at $98, and is in-stock (although, when you click on the set, it says it isn’t, so don’t let that stop you). Non-Preggies: here’s a non-maternity skinny jean + grey/white tee option for you from Gap (on sale for $35 + $8!).

Cozy-Fall Maternity Style


Love this classic, effortlessly-chic look! It’s proof that casual-and-comfy doesn’t have to be one, big, ugly yawn. Again, the tee + jeans are the only maternity items (non-maternity options, below!). Unless you’re spending a significant amount of time outside during the cold, winter months, I wouldn’t invest in a maternity coat. Once I got too big to button, during my winter pregnancies, I just left the coat open (or buttoned at the top), and let a scarf pull it together, like the super-chic mama, above! The scarf image wouldn’t link in the set, so here is the actual link to the J.Crew Buffalo Plaid Scarf (on sale for $29). Non-Preggies: here’s a non-maternity skinny jean + striped tee option from Gap (on sale for $35 + $11.50!). Happy shopping!


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