Easy Like Sunday Morning?

Whomever came up with the term “easy like Sunday morning,” clearly did not have and take young children to church on Sunday mornings. There’s nothin’ easy about that. Despite the rush to get out the door on time looking somewhat presentable, along with the constant “shushing,” and “be stills,” and herding, and potty-dashes, and toweling off water fountain slurps gone wrong, it’s oh-so worth it. Especially when they come skipping out of Sunday school proudly brandishing “trumpets for Jesus” made out of toilet paper rolls and aluminum foil. Priceless.

Here we are in our slightly rumpled, post-church glory, yesterday.

B + W Sunday 1a B + W Sunday 2b B + W SUnday 4b B + W Sunday 6b B + W Sunday 7b

Dress: Banana Republic | Booties: BCBGMAXAZRIA (similar) | Watch: The Horse

Should be “Beautiful Like Sunday,” right? :)

xx -Carrie

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