The Fine Fellow: Rain Gear

Rainy season is upon us, which begs the question: how does a self-respecting dude stay dry in the elements without looking elementary?

It’s all in the top-coat, my friend. North Face and Patagonia make excellent gear for the sporty guy that works at the local climbing gym, but most post-college men at least have to put a polo on Monday through Friday. And some (and this is crazy) actually have to wear a suit jacket. I’m so sorry to tell you this, but a grown man, tucking his tie into a North Face anorak the day of a big presentation loses him some major good-impression points. He doesn’t lose as many points, though, as the guy who chooses to wear no rain gear at all, and is now standing under the hand dryer in the communal bathroom, attempting to wring himself out.

Boys, try a rainy day trench on for size. You can go classic and do the whole Burberry/London Fog look. If  you do, Kudos! Just tie that belt back or commit, and tie it up front. Letting a trench belt hang loose makes you look frantic… or frumpy.

If you don’t want to deal with all the rules and just get your coat on so we can get out the door, please I recommend a clean, button-up trench that provides you with a rain force field. Hoods are acceptable here, too. I’m loving this piece on my husband – casual, but refined all at once. You know what they say about a sharp-dressed man…







Jacket – Jack Spade. Shirt – H&M. Jeans – Jack Spade. Kicks – Sperry. Umbrella – Try This!

Stay dry, boys.

– Haley


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