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SUMMER’S NOT OVER! I hang onto summer, white-knuckled and desperate, well into mid-to-late September. Sure, we lost July to…. time… Last night, “Back to School” commercials started to poke their rude heads into our regularly scheduled programming, but I mean it when I say we’ve still got lots of midsummer nights to live out, still!

So, summer’s not over, but according to the retail world – it is. Fall 2014 is on its way; tanks and shorts are being kicked out to make way for cashmere sweaters and dark denim. So boys, to prove to you and everyone around me that the warm months have not yet left us, I decided to do a bit of early August shopping for you. The best news, you can still look amazing and breezy for the next six weeks in any of these pieces that are currently on SALE.

Shop the sale rack with me! From a girl to a boy, here’s what you need to be wearing when you’re not at the beach.

TFF: Shop Summer SALES

Finally, a lightly colored loafer that doesn’t look like the one your Pop Pop wears, but also doesn’t resemble your Oshkosk kicks from your early years.

Cole Shorts
Guys can color block too! These are perfect for a day on the lake or shopping the boardwalk stores. Just be sure to wear a solid color top with this, as to not look all piece-y or dissected.

Ah, the IT shoe for boys and girls alike this season.  Not typically into the uber-trendy item, but if wearing this means you’ll toss your Old Navy flip flops, I’m down.

Printed Dot Tie
Fresh and light with a tiny dotted pattern, this tie will look sharp against a white shirt or dark navy shirt Monday morning after a weekend spent at bars and brunches far and wide.

Color-blocking is recognizable enough now (thank you, Justin Timberlake) that even the most cautious of men can have a go at it. Subtle tone on tone makes the shirt wearable, yet unexpected. Make your buddies proud of the way you stay hip with the kids these days. It’s not scary, I promise! Wear with khakis or these minty shorts shown below.

Linen and we’re in-en. Light and breezy, this shorts can withstand an entire day at the Cincinnati Zoo with your kids, or a day at the racetrack with your best friends. Light, but not feminine, this mint color is a welcome change from “khakis”.

Transition piece alert! Keep this top handy in your car for when nights get breezy. Perfect with dark jeans and a white t-shirt too. This guy will come in handy over the next few months. Snatch it up today!

It’s the sunniest time of the year so you’ll need some HUGE blue-blockers to keep your eyes on the prize. European and modern, these glasses say, “Hey everyone, come hang out on my yacht,” without you actually looking like that obnoxious guy always inviting people to his yacht. Bottom line with these: effortless cool factor.

 Londoner Wool Suit – Sandro

A light colored suit is the businessman’s best friend when it’s warm outside. Somehow black can feel too formal or stuffy when direct sunlight is streaming into the conference room windows. Go for grey, or this lovely ocean blue, slim-fit suit to look sharp in a big presentation. Never wear a suit? No problemo – pick up the pants and wear with a polo and light colored loafers for a snappy-casual ensemble.


Those are my picks and I’m sticking to ’em. Happy SUMMER shopping, fellas!

xoxo – Haley

SMP Wardrobe Stylist + Marketing Manager

Need outfit ideas, or help with your wardrobe? Get Haley, or one of our stylists to style some looks for you directly from your closet, or have her personally shop some new looks for you – completely online. We can get you all set-up right here – no appointments necessary. Select the subscription or package that’s right for you, and let the styling begin!


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